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Neil Scout

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Deconstructing the medium [Aug. 27th, 2004|03:16 pm]
Neil Scout
People may arch an eyebrow quizzically that The Noble Sausage's choice of medium should be livejournal. This is for reasons of discipline. Whilst other literary giants have foundered upon the rocks of this banal, soul-crushing medium, the sweet siren songs of memes, polls, insular argot and celebrity haikus calling them to their destruction, I shall resist and prove that man can express himself through any medium.
All that is required is a will of iron and a resolve of cold steel. Like Ulysees, The Noble Sausage will stand firm in these choppy waters. I shall not bend.
I explained as much to two of my young proteges, Rupert Chowder and James Manor, as we took afternoon tea in my peacock sanctuary yesterday afternoon. Manor lost his index finger to one of my rheas- I explained that the rhea had no respect for him, because his will had subjugated- he did not acknowledge the force of nature, and nature had therefore mastered him. How far these fools will have to travel, to attain the status of Noble Sausage!