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Neil Scout

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The Culture of Confession [Aug. 28th, 2004|12:18 pm]
Neil Scout
As I idle away the hours between my daily 6am SAS assault course and my afternoons in the study, dedicated to the feverish composition of prose, I, Neil Scout, sometimes read the work of lesser mortals. Even you, pitiful reader, may have had your own bleating updates come under the scrutiny of the Noble Sausage.
Il me semble que, as Lacan would put it, livejournal seems to be another venue in which all the human race can do is witness one another's shame. The Culture of Confession is a dominant force in this excuse for a century; we bear witness to our pity and misery through such social documents as Wife Swap and You Are What You Eat (the Carlyle of our times), and in a desperate bid to conform to the herd, we rush off to our laptops and vomit out our own self-hatred onto these... these... "blogs". The saddest thing is how these puerile bids for attention are rewarded with a vapid fix of what I call e-affection, as people who would cross the road to ignore us stumble over each other to console the bloggeur by typing *hug*.
There is a way out of this feeble serfdom, and I, Neil Scout, will illustrate the road to liberation in the coming days.